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What Vitamins Do I Take?

I get asked quite often what vitamins I take on a regular basis. Here is the answer:

First, remember that no amount of vitamins or supplements is a substitute for a diet rich in colorful fruits and vegetables with the nutrients and anti-oxidants your body needs to stay healthy.  Now, here is what I do in addition to that:*

  • A multivitamin. This gives me the B vitamins I need to deal with stress and help prevent disease.*
  • Vitamin C. I prefer it in the form of an Ester-C or Ascorbate instead of ascorbic acid. I also prefer my vitamin C to have bioflavanoids in it. The one I usually take is Adrenal C Formula.
  • Vitamin D3 50000 IU weekly.
  • A probiotic or a prebiotic. Since you have 100 trillion bacteria in your digestive system, you need a large amount of viable probiotic to make a difference in the intestine. I recommend a high quality supplement of at least 20-40 billion acid-resistant organisms per day. Not everyone needs a probiotic, but I know I do better with one.  I do recommend everyone consume lots of veggies and a prebiotic everyday to encourage the growth of good bacteria.
  • Fish Oil- I take a certified mercury-free supplement once or twice a day. Fish oil contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids, which are anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. It boosts mood and helps with my dry eyes.  I prefer an enhanced monoglyceride fish oil.  This allows me to get my 2-3 grams of Omega-3 (not fish oil, but Omega 3) in one capsule. Contact me if you would like to purchase a similar product.  For more information on finding out how much Omega-3, read my blog post about it here.*

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