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Cherish Your Course

Education...or Motherhood?

We live in a world full of possibilities.  We can go and do nearly anything with our lives.  .  For women,  the expectations are mixed.  Be a wife and a mother, but also have a meaningful career.  I felt these expectations weigh heavily on me as I chose a career and married.  My family emphasized college and a degree.  As I attended my first two years of college, my 53 year old ...

GPC and Memory

Are loved ones suffering from dementia? Would you like to know about a natural supplement that has been shown as effective as prescription drugs for dementia?

Hang on for Your Life

We had the incredible opportunity to float the Grand Canyon this past week.  280 miles of incredible scenery, sheer cliffs, slot canyons, water falls, rainbows, and even an eclipse.

Parenting...Far from perfect, but still trying...blah-blah-blah

I was on a road trip with my 2 daughters last weekend.  They were arguing and fighting off and on, and I was getting frustrated.  I launched into some lecture about how they new better than that, and they should look for the good...blah-blah-blah (I know Dracula, you don't say blah blah blah).  In the middle of the blah-blah-blahing, I realized I was in the middle of doing some awesome Shame Parenting.

That was easy...?

I love the Staples slogan..."That was Easy."  Many things in life sound easy, but are in fact really hard to do. 

Freedom and joy on the inside.

There once was a darling little girl. Because she was cute and sociable with other people, she was the center of attention and adored by her family and their friends.