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Vitamin C and Type 2 Diabetes

A new study showed people with Type 2 Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, or Obesity have lower levels of Vitamin C, and may need more Vitamin C than people without these diseases.  A review study published earlier this year showed that more than 200 mg of Vitamin C per day given for more than 30 days improved fasting blood sugars in older patients with Type 2 Diabetes.

We all need Vitamin C, as it is an important ingredient in many important reactions in our bodies, and helps reduce oxidative stress. It also helps support the immune system. 

I recommend an extended-release Vitamin C that is buffered for best results, like Adrenal C Formula.  You can order online or call or visit The Medicine Shoppe in Rexburg at 208-356-4481 for fabulous pricing on this product.


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