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Diabetes, Insulin Resistant, or Overweight? Vitamin C may help.

Vitamin's a regular household thing, right?  A couple of interesting studies last year showed that we may be missing out on this important nutrient.  The first study showed that patients who:

  • Have Type II Diabetes
  • Are insulin resistant, or
  • Are overweight,

had lower levels of Vitamin C in their blood.  All three of these increase the oxidative- stress on the body, which requires more Vitamin C to neutralize.  What is Oxidative stress?  Oxidative Stress is the stress caused by oxidation. When you see metal rusting, that is oxidation. The same type of reaction can occur in your body, which can damage blood vessels and nerves.

The more interesting second study showed that Vitamin C administration could lower blood glucose in Type II Diabetic patients, especially when used longer than 30 days.  The effect was more pronounced on fasting blood sugars than on blood sugars after meals.

Since we already know that Vitamin C helps support the immune system, then the choice to take a good quality Vitamin C should be easy.  HOWEVER, taking a regular vitamin C may not be the best choice.  You often secrete regular vitamin C in a few hours, so I prefer an extended-release Vitamin C that will last all day long and that is buffered.  My favorite is Adrenal C Formula, which you can purchase from The Medicine Shoppe in Rexburg by calling them at 208-356-4481 for a much better price we are not allowed to advertise online.

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