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Folic Acid in pregnancy may increase development of Food allergies in babies!

I'm not a folic acid fan.  It is synthetic, not what your body really needs.  It really needs folate.  A new study shows a correlation between folic acid exposure in pregnancy and the development of food allergies in the baby.  Since almost all prenatals on the market contain high doses of folic acid, this means a lot of folic acid exposure.  It's so vitally important for the developing baby to have folate in its true form (5-MTHF, folinic acid, and green leafy vegetables) to prevent birth defects.  I recommend high quality multi-vitamins and prenatals with 5-MTHF.

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Want to know why folate is important?  Because it is absolutely essential to methylation.  Watch my TEDx talk for more info on methylation.


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