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Broccoli to decrease allergies

In a 2014 UCLA study, exposure to diesel exhaust made the allergic response of patients worse.

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Fasting occasionally can lower diabetes and cardiovascular risk

Decrease your cancer risk with Vitamin D

A new study found that levels of Vitamin D in the blood of higher than 40ng/ml correlated with a 67 percent lower risk of cancer than those with blood levels less than 20ng/ml.  THAT MEANS THAT YOUR CANCER RISK IS CUT MORE THAN HALF WITH VITAMIN D. I personally recommend having levels between 70-100ng/ml for better health.  Most of us don't get enough Vitamin D because our lat ...

B-12 In the Spotlight!

A study in PLOS One found that vitamin B12 levels in the brain are much lower in the elderly population as well as in individuals with autism or schizophrenia.