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Accidental Gluten Exposure

Recommendations for accidental exposure to gliaden in the celiac or gluten-sensitive patient.

Food Sensitivity

Some Foods may be making you feel worse! One HUGE way to decrease inflammation is to avoid foods you are eating that you are sensitive to.  There is a difference between a sensitivity and an allergy.

Gluten: the Tooth of the Matter

I love the grain field next to my house.  I love to watch it grow and turn colors.  My favorite time of the year is when it is almost ready to turn colors.   The green stalks will move in the breeze and look just like the waves on the ocean.  It is beautiful.

What Vitamins Do I Take?

First, remember that no amount of vitamins or supplements is a substitute for a diet rich in colorful fruits and vegetables with the nutrients and anti-oxidants your body needs to stay healthy.  Now, here is what I do in addition to that:*

I Can't Sleep!

We need to rule out any medications or herbs that could be causing insomnia. 

Depression...Is Prozac the Answer?

I bet you think I am going to go tell you to take pills.  Or…we need to increase your serotonin.

Folic Acid in pregnancy may increase development of Food allergies in babies!

I'm not a folic acid fan.  It is synthetic, not what your body really needs.  It really needs folate.  A new study shows a correlation between folic acid exposure in pregnancy and the development of food allergies in the baby. 

Diabetes, Insulin Resistant, or Overweight? Vitamin C may help.

Vitamin's a regular household thing, right?  A couple of interesting studies last year showed that we may be missing out on this important nutrient. 

Gout...maybe it's not about meat

Recent research shows us that maybe gout isn't caused by eating meat...that in fact it is triggered by high insulin levels and fructose intake.

Olive Oil and Frying...Shedding Light

For years, we have been told that using extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) at a high heat was causing it to lose its anti-oxidant properties. I recently found 2 studies showing that olive oil is safe to fry with and can be much healthier than any other frying choice, even coconut oil